Software Developer at ACE Consulting

We’re looking for coders who are excited about entrepreneurship and technology. Are you the next addition?

About us

ACE Consulting is a next generation consulting house, combining high professionalism with entrepreneurship. We believe in hiring ambition and motivation over experience. As a workplace, ACE wants to support our consultants in finding the right balance in their personal and professional lives.

All of our consultants are entrepreneurs, who are looking for the most challenging projects and the best opportunities to learn. Thus, our network is agile, scalable, and innovative.

For developers

We are expanding our concept to fit software developers with the ambition to grow their skills on the technical and business side. Instead of joining an IT department for a large corporation, we’re looking for entrepreneurs who want to build the next software powerhouse themselves.

Our projects are a great fit for new developers looking to jumpstart their careers and work with various technologies/frameworks, and the goal is to grow around your strengths.

We’ve recently been working on:

  • Data manipulation, analytics, visualization (Python data science stack, Tableau).
  • Web- and mobile apps (Django, AngularJS, WordPress, OutSystems).
  • Task automation, database and IT systems management (SQL, SAP, PowerShell, Selenium).
  • UI design (Web front-end HTML/CSS/JS, Photoshop).
  • Various programs to develop businesses, mainly using Python.

.. and we’re looking to add skills.

If you’re interested in joining us/learning more, feel free to contact our software lead at, or better yet, place a call to him +358503658093.

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